About St. Elly’s Home School and Education Centre

Founded 2008?

Started as a study centre to assist children with their homework. We also supplied extra school subject classes. One day we were approached by a parent requesting homeschooling for their child. During those years we only assisted children doing international syllabi like Oxford and Cambridge.

A few years later it became clear that we needed to change to assist children with the CAPS or South African syllabus. So, we slowly started to switch over to the South African syllabus. In 2016 we became a full-time Homeschooling Centre.

At St. Elly’s we do what is required to help our scholars to succeed. At this stage, we support more than 5 different syllabi. The selection of the syllabus depends on the academic progress of the child and we also look at the financial implications. Each child is treated as an individual scholar, we assist to help make the best choices for their school education.

Our study groups are small and help is always available. Children enrolled with us are also allowed to attend special classes on Saturdays and are free to join our afternoon care (homework) groups.


St. Elly’s Home School and Education Centre’s four values of integrity, responsibility, endeavour and curiosity are at the very foundation of every boy’s and girl’s education at St Elly’s and underpin all that we do.

  • Integrity
    We aim to instil in every boy and girl the strong moral principles of honesty, trustworthiness, sportsmanship and fairness.

  • Responsibility
    We encourage boys and girls to take responsibility and pride in their learning and behaviour, and their role and responsibility within the school and the wider world.
  • Endeavour
    We want boys and girls to stretch themselves, to always do their very best: and to aspire to, and achieve, success in all its forms.
  • Curiosity
    We encourage boys and girls to develop their intellectual curiosity, broaden their knowledge and develop their own opinions of the world in which they live.

Our Vision

An independent home school and education tutor centre which provides an outstanding all-round school education:

  • Stimulating boys and girls intellectually inside the classroom, through an integrated curriculum that stretches across disciplines, age levels, social backgrounds and nationalities.
  • Challenging boys and girls outside the classroom, through a broad range of extracurricular activity.
  • Empowering scholars to be confident, articulate and resilient in every situation, through their experiences across all parts of school life.

Our Mission

Teaching scholars to think intelligently, act wisely and be fully engaged in a challenging and changing world.

Why We Are Different

With uncapped internet at all our sites, there is no data limit and learners and teachers are welcome to access as much as possible information to help the learner’s development.

We are implementing a zero-personal-electronic-device policy. This means that learners must leave cell phones, tablets, iPods, laptops etc. at home. The reason for this is that children often access the Internet during school time, for personal reasons. We are not in the business of policing the access to and use of the Internet, so therefore we decided on this policy. We have contact numbers available if parents need to contact their children, and if children need to contact their parents, we will allow them to do so. Moreover, this will encourage learners to interact and socialize with the actual people in their environment, rather than on Social media (which is proving to be more and more anti-social!)

New children join us every month. It is for this reason that we work out schedules for each child, to assure that all the required work is covered and that the child is well-prepared for the final exams. A one-size-fits-all approach will never succeed.
The Homeschooling community is growing daily. It is for this reason that WhatsApp and Facebook groups were created some time ago. Claudette Hasenjaeger, the group leader, notifies homeschoolers of any social events and field trips. Trips or visits include museums, bakeries, sport-events etc. Children will have enough time to socialize with other children during homeschooling.

Although we don’t have our own sports facilities, we are more than happy to assist children with the names and numbers of coaches of various types of sports. Parents and their children will thus contact those people and personal arrangements will then be made. Cycling, tennis, swimming, chess, soccer and athletics are only a few sports that we can assist with.