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Why we are different

icon_stellysWith uncapped internet at all our sites, there is no data limit and learners and teachers are welcome to access as much as possible information to help the learner’s development.

We are implementing a zero-personal-electronic-device policy. This means that learners must leave cell phones, tablets, iPods, laptops etc. at home. The reason for this is that children often access the Internet during school time, for personal reasons. We are not in the business of policing the access to and use of the Internet, so therefore we decided on this policy. We have contact numbers available if parents need to contact their children, and if children need to contact their parents, we will allow them to do so. Moreover, this will encourage learners to interact and socialize with the actual people in their environment, rather than on Social media (which is proving to be more and more anti-social!)

New children join us every month. It is for this reason that we work out schedules for each child, in order to assure that all the required work is covered and that the child is well prepared for the final exams. A one-size-fits-all approach will never succeed.

The Homeschooling community is growing on a daily basis. It is for this reason that WhatsApp and Facebook groups were created some time ago. Claudette Hasenjaeger, the group leader, notifies homeschoolers of any social events and field trips. Trips or visits include museums, bakeries, sport-events etc. Children will have enough time to socialize with other children during homeschooling.

Although we don’t have our own sports facilities, we are more than happy to assist children with names and numbers of coaches from various sport types. Parents and their children will thus contact those people and personal arrangements will then be made. Cycling, tennis, swimming, chess, soccer and athletics are only a few sports that we can assist with.