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About 12 years ago we started off as a study centre to assist children with their homework. We also supplied extra subject classes. One day we were approached by a parent requesting homeschooling for their child. During those years we only assisted children doing international syllabi like Oxford and Cambridge.

A few years later it became clear that we needed to change to assist children with the CAPS or South African syllabus. So we slowly started to switch over to the South African syllabus. In 2016 we became a full-time Homeschooling Centre.

At St. Elly’s we do what is required to help children from all walks of life. At this stage, we support more than 5 different syllabi. The selection of the syllabus depends on the child and we also look at the financial implications. With us, each child is treated as an individual and we don’t have a “one-size-fits-all approach”.

Our study groups are small and help is always available. Children enrolled with us are also allowed to attend special classes on Saturdays, and are also free to join our afternoon care (homework) groups.