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Vision and Mission



An independent day tutor centre which provides an outstanding all-round education:

  • stimulating boys and girls intellectually inside the classroom, through an integrated curriculum that stretches across disciplines, age levels, social backgrounds and nationalities
  • challenging boys and girls outside the classroom, through a broad range of extracurricular activity
  • empowering boys and girls to be confident, articulate and resilient in every situation, through their experiences across all parts of school life


Teaching boys and girls to think intelligently, act wisely and be fully engaged in a challenging and changing world.


Our four values of integrity, responsibility, endeavour and curiosity are at the very foundation of every boy’s and girl’s education at St Elly’s and underpin all that we do.

    We aim to instil in each and every boy and girl the strong moral principles of honesty, trustworthiness, sportsmanship and fairness.
    We encourage boys and girls to take responsibility and pride in their learning and behaviour, and their role and responsibility within the school and the wider world.
    We want boys and girls to stretch themselves, to always do their very best: to aspire to, and achieve, success in all its forms.
    We encourage boys and girls to develop their intellectual curiosity, broaden their knowledge and develop their own opinions of the world in which they live.